The Reiki Fellowship Program is designed for Reiki Master graduates who desire a more intensive clinical experience. Under the supervision of Luann Jacobs, Reiki Master Clinician and Teacher, Reiki Fellows participate in a wide variety of therapeutic activities. Most of the activities take place at the Center for Integrative Medicine where the primary focus is utilizing Reiki as a tool for self-care and stress reduction, no matter what the diagnosis, disease, or illness.

Reiki Fellows participate in a number of activities, some treatment oriented and others teaching focused. Among the many opportunities Reiki Fellows participate in are:

  • Learning the benefits and application of biofeedback and heart rate variability for enhancing the Reiki experience,
  • Learning to integrate both guided and elicited imagery and coherence meditations into the therapeutic Reiki session,
  • Utilizing aromatherapy in the Reiki session,
  • Teaching Reiki to GW medical students and GWU Hospital residents who are doing clinical rotations through CIM,
  • Providing introductory Reiki treatment sessions at the MFA Breast Care Center Clinic
  • Reporting to the GWUH Palliative Care Team on the patients at GW Hospital who are receiving Reiki therapy as part of the GWUH Reiki Relaxation Program,
  • Attending the interdisciplinary CIM team weekly staff meeting and, through the expertise of the staff, learning about a wide variety of alternative/complementary/and integrative treatment modalities and research,
  • Developing the art of therapeutic communication,
  • Communicating the activities of each Reiki session through the writing of a clinical chart note utilizing appropriate privacy standards of care and medical language and organization, thereby integrating Reiki into the interdisciplinary plan of care,
  • Volunteering Reiki at the GWUH as a credentialed hospital volunteer.

Fellows work with a broad base of Reiki clientele. They might include:

  • Clients seeking help with anxiety and stress reduction
  • Clients who are referred for pain management
  • Clients who are preparing for or recovering from surgery
  • Clients who are pursuing a wellness care program
  • Clients who are undergoing active cancer treatment or are in the recovery phase of treatment.

The Reiki Fellowship Program is a 16-week program, meeting once per week. The cost of the program is $1280. Volunteering as a Reiki Fellow in GWU Hospital may offset this cost. Volunteers generally serve a 3-4 hour shift once a week. For further information on becoming a Reiki Fellow, please contact Luann Jacobs, RMT, at 202-833-5055.