Thank you to our patients who entrust us with their care.

11/15/2017.  “Hello Dr. Kogan,
I wanted to check in with you regarding my Elemental diet progress, as promised.   I am entering my 4th week on Monday and, bottom line, I have never felt better. I am amazed at how much energy I have, my mind clarity and positive mood, and my digestive issues seem like they don’t even exist.  I am almost in tears writing this as I feel like a normal person for the first time in OVER a decade.  I even have small bowl movements on a daily basis. It’s a small miracle! I can’t thank you enough for prescribing this “diet” to me. I have followed it religiously.
Thank you a million times over!”  D.W.

8/1/2017   “I was diagnosed with cancer in August 2016 and, after surgery, began radiation and chemotherapy that Fall. During my first two chemos, I began having moderate-to-severe pain/neuropathy in my lower legs and feet. After doing some research, and talking to my oncologist and friends with similar experiences, I contacted GWCIM to learn about possible alternative remedies. Dr. Deirdre Orceyre, acupuncturist and naturopath, recommended several supplements as well as acupuncture treatments. My pain subsided noticeably after I began the supplements and acupuncture and I was able to complete my chemo treatments with fairly minimal side effects. It is not unusual for cancer patients to continue to experience neuropathy after chemo ends,  and I did continue to experience some neuropathy for several months after my cancer treatments ended. Consequently, I have continued acupuncture treatments as well, reducing the frequency of treatments as the neuropathy has waned. I am now five months post-chemo and my neuropathy is almost completely gone. I credit much of my improvement to Dr. Orceyre’s treatments. I also have found her to be a knowledgeable, patient and compassionate caregiver throughout the time I have seen her.”  E.C.

3/27/2017  “A fellow friend with cancer recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Orceyre to discuss Mistletoe therapy treatment. Even though DC is at least an hour and a half drive, I made the appointment desperately wanting someone to give me something healthy for my body. All of the treatments for breast cancer have so many bad side effects and it was a breath of fresh air to get treatments that would build my body up. Not only did Dr. Orceyre prescribe the Mistletoe Therapy to boost my immune system, help with chemo nausea and kill cancer cells but she also looked at all my blood work and chemo cocktails and developed a custom plan for supplements and diet that would help my body to cope with all the things going on. I received some added benefits – my skin has never felt so soft in all my life and I finally was able to shed a few extra unwanted pounds. Dr. Orceyre was critical in helping me weigh out what the doctors were recommending for me to do. I love knowing that someone who has so much Natural training can also help me see the value of the medical profession and can offer real solutions for the side effects. I am happy to say that I made it through 3 months of chemo during the winter months, surrounded by the flu, colds and strep throat and I never got sick once. Dr. Orceyre also helped me develop a supplement protocol for my surgery that helped me sail through and for Proton Therapy (Radiation) which I have coming up next. I really appreciate her willingness to have phone appointments with me for follow up so I don’t have to take a day to drive to DC. Even though my initial relationship has started because of cancer, I see such a value in how I have been feeling that I will continue to have follow up appointments with Dr. Orceyre for my general well being.”

I’ve been a patient at the GWCIM for over a year and it’s been great! I love that the doctors and staff use holistic approaches when it comes to treating and preventing illnesses; something conventional medicine should incorporate. The GWCIM staff is amazing! They arm their patients with knowledge, listen and also give them hope to help them achieve their health goals. I will continue to be a patient in their practice. Thank you to the GWCIM staff for all you’re doing to help make people healthy!  — D.P.,  January 17th, 2017

“With the help of Dr. Marianna Ledenac, I have cleaned up my diet, lost 10 pounds, have more energy in the morning and got rid of my morning brain fog! So happy and I feel like a new and younger person! Thanks so much!!! — C.R., October 13, 2016

“Sincere thanks. CIM really takes its mission seriously to be health partners. I could not explore various alternative approaches without such support”. – Sarah, July 2015

“Dear Center of Integrative Medicine staff,  Thank you for all you have done for me! You have created a warm, caring environment where patients can come for care and for answers! You may not realize day to day how much you improve the lives of your patients, but I hope you will know how much it means to me to have my health and energy back. And that not only improves my life, but allows me to be available for my family. What a wonderful gift you have given us! A special thank you to Barbara, Susan, and Dr. Orceyre for greeting me with smiles week after week, and helping me figure out my answers. I am forever grateful and inspired by you!

Warmly, K.K.”

“The Center for Integrative Medicine is a place of healing and nurture in reality, and not just in name. The ambience and tone are wonderful and the staff is always responsive and kind, taking time and being willing to follow up on myriad details. I feel well-cared for and recommend The Center highly. D.C.”

“My experience with Mary Kendell and the GW Center for Integrative Medicine was amazing. The staff was always helpful and friendly, and Mary made me feel comfortable from the first appointment. She is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to really get to know you, understand your medical issues, and explain everything you need to know about your condition and the treatment process. Before I went to see Mary, I had seen 6 other doctors who were unable to treat me. After suffering for 6 years, Mary was able to get me to be pain-free in 12 weeks! I am elated and could not be happier that I finally found Mary.  L.A.M.”