Next Reiki Level Two (Chuden) Training: 9/8 and 9/15

GW CIM Luann Jacobs and Yael Flusberg offer:

Reiki Level Two (known as the Chuden level in Japanese) deepens your intuitive understanding of universal source, connects you to a greater volume of Reiki energy, and strengthens your ability to be present in the energy flow. In this level, you will also learn how to send Reiki at a distance to others.  Reiki Level Two is a prerequisite for entering Reiki Master Level training (Okuden) and gives the student insight into Reiki as a wisdom and mystery practice.


In Level Two you will be introduced to three sacred symbols, which serve specific healing functions:

(1) powering up the Reiki energy,

(2) healing at the mental and emotional level, and

(3) healing across time and space.


Our approach in teaching this level is to make the symbols come alive through visual and movement arts and hands-on application of advanced Reiki techniques on yourself and others.  


We will also discuss the ethics of treating others, and local resources for volunteering. You will receive two attunements at this level, and a workbook to guide you in your practice. Homework will include 21 days of self-healing, and ten documented sessions on others.


Prerequisite: Certificate from your Reiki 1 Training, and permission from Luann and Yael.


Next Reiki Level Two (Chuden) Training:  

September 8 and 15, 2017



First evening of training:  September 8

You’ll receive an attunement, learn about the three sacred Reiki symbols and their deeper meanings and uses, and practice bringing them into your energy blueprint using visual and movement arts. You’ll also experience hands-on application of advanced Reiki techniques on yourself and others.

Homework: 21 days of self-care, using some of our suggestions for how to incorporate the symbols in your daily life.


Second evening of training:  September 15

We’ll focus on distant healing practices, and how to create your own personal sending protocol. You’ll receive a second attunement and learn how to apply this level of work to your own spiritual development.


Certificate Presentation:  Upon completion of both classes and ten documented sessions on others.