Your Healthy Mind: An Online Program to Shift Your Lifestyle & Eating Habits to Support A Healthy Brain As You Age!

Join GWCIM Nutritionist and Health Coach Julie Wendt for this online group coaching program designed to support the lifestyle changes that will help you prevent cognitive decline as you age.  With a firm foundation in the Institute of Functional Medicine’s Recode program based on Dr. Bredesen’s work, Julie will present the latest research in an understandable format that will act as your guide toward establishing the set of lifestyle changes that will bring you in alignment with these foundational principles of preventative medicine.

As Bredesen points out, “the multifactorial, aggravated assault on the brain goes on for 15 to 20 years before someone notices symptoms that warrant medical attention. That means there is a very wide window for early intervention.” It is this opportunity that Your Healthy Mind is designed to capitalize on.
Julie invites you to take a look at where you are starting and empowers you to take the steps forward that will ease your concerns over cognitive health as you age.
The group coaching environment with weekly Q&A calls allows you to take your thoughts and feelings about what you “should” be doing and transform them into definitive action items, broken down into the simple wins that inspire you to keep pursuing the ultimate goals you laid out.
Ready to work together to create sustainable change?
Your Healthy Mind is designed for you if:
* You’re over 40 and want to prevent cognitive decline.
* If you have a feeling of hopelessness because you’ve either have AD in your family or you’ve watched friends struggle with the devastating impact of AD and dementia I created this program with you in mind.
*You’re newly retired and are looking for help structuring how you take care of yourself amidst your open schedule.
Your Healthy Mind is not designed for you if:
* You have advanced cognitive decline or end-stage AD. (I have other options for advanced and end-stage AD, please drop me a line at
* You’re not open to making lifestyle changes.
Enrolling Now Through January 18th, 2019 for the Online Class Starting January 19th, 2019.
Cost $699
– Register on
– Can be broken down into 3 installments
– GW CIM patient’s receive 10% discount on installment plan using code “HealthyBrain2019”
– Couples get 50%off their second membership using code “healthyx2” or for installment plan use code “healthy2″

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  1. Again, I’m interested in the first introductory lecture and perhaps more. Where do go to listen?

    • sorry we were not able to give you a prompt answer here!
      please contact Julie Wendt directly at ASAP
      she will be able to give you info and answer any personal questions about the program.
      best, GWCIM Team

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