Mission and Director’s Message

“Integrating Science and Tradition into the Highest Quality Medical Care of the 21st Century”

Medical Director, Mikhail Kogan, MD

Dear friends,

I would like to welcome you to the GW Center for Integrative Medicine and share my vision of our work together towards better health.

During my medical training I worked in different settings: hospitals and large and small clinics. I have worked in an upscale neurology office in Philadelphia, a busy emergency room in the Bronx, and an open ward with dying patients in Kisoro, Uganda. While healthcare delivery is so varied in different parts of the world, each location has something in common: the people who attend to those suffering, the medical team.

I still remember an idealistic vision I had during my years of medical school: “I will become a primary care doctor and will  take care of almost all of my patients’ issues.”  That was  naïve. However, that passion, which I still cherish, flourished into: “I will become a member of a team that can take care of almost all of my patients’ issues.” I did my utmost  to become a member of a team that creates space and time for each patient walking into the clinic so that their individual healing path can be honored and followed no matter how complicated the task at hand is.

So, what  is the  healing path and what has it got to do with medicine? Everything and nothing. Everything, because in the process of treatment and healing, many steps are medical, such as taking natural or synthetic prescription medications, changing the diet, starting mind-body, physical, or energy therapy  — all those steps are grounded in theoretical and evidence-based data that we are constantly learning and updating. Nothing, because the path in itself is a self-discovery by the patient, a chance to learn what is out of balance and why. Lack of balance can stem from  any aspect of life and wellness domains: spiritual, emotional, mental, social, physical, or environmental. This guided self-discovery process more often than not leads to re-evaluation and transformation of one’s beliefs, attitudes, and actions within the affected domain.

I’m honored to be a part of the Center’s dedicated team and grateful to all of our past, current, and future patients, who let our team SERVE you humbly and professionally.

Mikhail Kogan, MD


GWCIM believes in bringing the benefits of integrative medicine to everyone. For that reason, it donates a part of its earnings to AIM Health Institute, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization created to serve terminally ill and low-income patients regardless of ability to pay.


The Founder, John Pan, MD

Dear Patient,

Let me welcome you to the Center for Integrative Medicine. You are about to embark on a journey of healing that will be unique and fulfilling. The ability to reach your healing goal will hinge upon a successful partnership between you and the group of dedicated practitioners here at the Center. We will undertake a process to understand your condition and address it in a wholistic and methodic fashion in order to achieve complete healing. As you may expect, this journey is often arduous and will require considerable commitment from YOU and from US. Please read the accompanying article,

The Constellation of Healing and Disease

This is necessary in order for you to understand our approach and the role you are empowered to play during this process.

The goal of the first visit is to collect all the pertinent information regarding you and your condition. Please bring all your health information: recent lab tests, diagnostic readings of x-rays, CTs, MRIs (bring original films only if we request it), medication list, all the bottles of supplements, herbs, and remedies that you are taking. If you think we should see it, bring it. During this visit we will review with you, your Patient Health Inventory, construct your personal integrated health story developed around the three interactive components of, Antecedent, Trigger/Milieu and Disregulation (described in “The Constellation of Healing and Disease¨). This will generally take 60 minutes.

The second visit will follow in a couple of weeks. This will allow us time to fill in missing information, order tests, retrieve old information and complete relevant questionnaires. In addition, it allows us to review your condition, investigate and explore treatment options. During this visit, we will discuss our management plan and options, set priorities, and develop short term and long term healing goals. We will help you implement the management plan, schedule follow-up visits and appointments with other health providers of our team if indicated. We should be able to accomplish this in 30 minutes.

I hope this tells you what to expect and what will be accomplished at your initial visits to the Center. Please feel free to call if you have questions that need clarification. We are looking forward to be part of your health care team.

Yours sincerely,

John Pan, MD

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