GW CIM Welcomes Mara Benner for Mind-Body-Spirit Services!

Special Discount for First Session!

We are pleased to announce that Mara Benner, Mind-Body-Spiritual Director, will be joining our team in April. Mara brings a wealth of expertise to us and will focus on helping our patients connect mind, body and spirit. She will be specifically assisting patients who are seeking stress management, help to alleviate depression or anxiety with nonpharmacological healing techniques and for those dealing with a chronic illness or life limiting illness such as cancer. Mara has undergone extensive training in ancient healing techniques.

Prior to entering into the integrative healthcare field, Mara began her career majoring in gerontology and working at various times in hospitals, nursing homes, home health, hospice and elder protective services. She has worked at the Federal and state level on healthcare and aging policy. One of the most important perspectives Mara has gained is as a family caregiver and seeing firsthand our healthcare system from the eyes of a patient. She has become an ardent advocate for integrative healthcare.

Mara is excited to be joining our team. She will be taking on new patients beginning in April. She will see patients at our office on Wednesdays. Her business, Four Directions Wellness, will continue to be affiliated with the GWCIM and she will continue to see patients in her Alexandria office on the other days of the week.

Mara will be offering the following services at GWCIM:

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Sessions – This session focuses on using all of Mara’s expertise to help
    an individual intuitively connect to body, mind, emotions & spirit.
  • Reiki and Reflexology Session – Enjoy the combined benefits of a relaxing Reiki session
    with the support of reflex points for your organs and systems.
  • Chakra Healing Session – Chakras are the energetic centers located within each of us. Enjoy this session to release stagnation and feel rejuvenated and relaxed.
  • Intuitive Energy Reading – Join Mara to explore your energy field and gain clarity on mind, body connections impacting you.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Session – Interested in working on finding your personal peacefulness? Join Mara to practice meditation and mindfulness for greater insight and awareness.

Special Offer! To welcome Mara to our team, we are offering the opportunity to receive $10 off of your first session with her. Good through June 2019.

Click here to watch a short intro VIDEO from Mara: