GWCIM have switching to a new EMR system ChARM!


We have officially switched to a new electronic medical system – ChARM. ChARM has a very user-friendly patient portal that you can use to see your medical records and communicate with our providers and staff (HIPPA protected emails). We have begun sending emails with invitations to join the ChARM Portal (PHR) to coordinate medical care and scheduled appointments.  If you haven’t received our invitation and wish to join ChARM now please call or email our front desk at the center and request an invitations.
We will try to make this transition as smooth as possible but apologize for any inconvenience that this process might create for you. Thank you for yourunderstanding.
The GWCIM team
ChARM PHR is a Personal Health Record (PHR) portal to manage health information of patients, for themselves and their families. Patients can store their current and past medications, lab results, record health vitals and track progress using the built-in reports. All the health information is available online, thus avoiding rummaging of files to find past lab results.

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