Ben Bregman, MD

Integrative Psychiatry

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Dr Bregman believes in the inherent resilience of the human spirit and its ability, when supported with compassion and encouraged with curiosity, to overcome any obstacle. With that in mind, he uses an integrative psychiatric approach to help people achieve greater mental health and well-being.  Dr. Bregman helps people with depression, anxiety, unresolved traumas, concentration difficulties, unfulfilling relationships, and career and academic difficulties transform their challenges into personal growth and self-realization. To that end, he seeks to help people live healthy and meaningful lives.

Integrative psychiatry utilizes modern and ancient healing techniques that patients can use to envision and manifest their healthiest-selves.  Following an extensive evaluation, patients are provided with a healing road-map that may include dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, contemplative practices, psychotherapy and if necessary, medication.

Drawing from his research of communities exposed to terrorism and supported by his experiences caring for Veterans at the San Jose VA, Dr. Bregman has developed a unique, resilience-based approach to psychiatric care.  His approach identifies a person’s innate strengths and uses them as a foundation for healing.

Dr. Bregman received his Bachelors’ (2002) and Medical (2007) Degrees from Brown University.  Following completion of his medical training, he completed a research fellowship in Israel where he studied resilient communities and, based on this work, helped to develop a wellness-focused curriculum for children.  Dr. Bregman completed his residency in psychiatry at George Washington University in 2012.  Following the completion of his residency, Dr. Bregman became the medical director for the San Jose, Monterey and Capitola Veterans Affairs (VA) clinics.  In 2014, Dr. Bregman moved to the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, where he worked in at a cutting edge integrated behavioral health/primary care clinic.

Dr. Bregman has published a number of articles and book chapters based on research he conducted on responses to psychiatric emergencies.  He maintains a blog where he discusses resilience based approaches to mental health care.