Jonathan Hickson, MD

Integrative Medicine Resident Physician

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Jonathan Hickson is the product of two wonderful parents who were both loved social workers within community. However, at the tender age of 6, he lost his father to a stroke, from some negative lifestyle habits that could have been changed with proper guidance. This life event stimulated and motivated Dr. Hickson to find and practice ways of preventing other children from losing their father or loved ones from preventable causes. This eventually led him to pursue his Medical Doctorate and Masters of Public Health from Boston University, where Dr. Hickson would graduate and matriculate into completing his intern year at the University of Maryland Family Medicine Program.

The routine and robotic machine medicine practiced throughout my early medical did not provide the compassionate and comprehensive care that Dr. Hickson felt his father and career patients deserved. Too many time people are rushed through their doctors not being heard, only able to provide partial stories and therefore get partial solutions to their ailments. The standard practice of providing pharmacologic based care is often ineffective in establishing true therapeutic bonds between provider and patient. Dr. Hickson believes through true partnership with patients, that people can be empowered to have better understanding and control of their health and life. This is something that Dr. Hickson also hopes to cultivate with our rotating medical students, physician assistant students, residents and fellows; to consider the person and not just their problems when assessing the need for their visit.

People in need, deserve someone who is actually able to understand how their physiologic, psychologic, nutritional, and environmental factors influences their health. Dr. Hickson was able to find providers who believe in a similar philosophy at the Center for Integrative Medicine, a place where he learns and practices comprehensive functional medicine for the benefit of our shared patients.

While at the center, Dr. Hickson works with clinical director Dr. Kogan, two Naturopathic Doctors and several holistic providers. He will also be working as the new Clinical Coordinator for rotating medical students, physician assistant students, residents and fellows to improve their learning experience at GWCIM.