Lisa Bregman, LMT

Massage Therapy, Trager Therapy

Applying a dynamic approach developed by Dr. Milton Trager to treat patients with a range of physical conditions, Lisa will gently move your body while giving you a massage. Over the course of an hour-long session, the combination of rocking, compression and elongation of the back and limbs brings a sense of deep rest and unwinding to the receiver’s neuromuscular system. As the body yields to being softly and rhythmically moved on the massage table, stress and tension in the back and neck slowly dissolve and disappear. Kinks, knots, areas of tightness let go and the body feels resilient and light. Patients are able to calmly and mindfully observe the pain-producing patterns that have developed in their bodies due to repetitive movements, misaligned posture, response to chronic pain, or trauma. Reversal of these neuromuscular patterns then becomes possible. The Trager method helps ease many conditions, including: fibromyalgia, chronic back and neck tension, muscle spasms, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, Parkinson’s disease.

A former elementary school teacher, Lisa has been a bodyworker for 12 years. She “listens” to people’s bodies with caring hands and heart. Her other passions include yoga, NPR, reading, writing and swimming outdoors. She believes that since stress is a contributing cause and/or a resulting effect of just about every dis-ease, relaxation is naturally part of an integrative approach to healing. Receiving a body-mind treatment such as Trager supports patients who are developing an awareness of their patterns of stress and taking an active role in changing these patterns.