Mary Starich, Ph.D, LMT

Certified Advanced Rolfer

Mary Starich provides Rolfing® Structural Integration at GWCIM.  Mary began working professionally in bodywork as a massage therapist in 1998 and certified as a Rolfer in 2001, completing her advanced Rolfing® Certification in 2007. She completed a two-year certification program in cranial sacral manipulation with the Colorado Cranial Institute in 2011. Mary provides services for a variety of client types, including individuals with injury and chronic pain issues, people who have completed routine physical therapy and are looking for additional mobility, competitive athletes, women addressing postpartum body changes and people who simply want to improve their posture and well-being. She also enjoys working with children to improve their alignment, mobility and physical ease.

Prior to becoming a bodyworker, Mary completed her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin and her Ph.D. in biochemistry from University of Maryland-Baltimore. She worked in research and facilities management for the National Institutes of Health for 15 years until shifting to a full-time bodywork practice.

Her roots in bodywork took hold during recovery from two auto accidents which occurred in her mid-twenties. Traditional care did not resolve the musculoskeletal patterns that arose following the accidents and Mary explored a variety of integrative and complementary modalities to fully recover from her injuries. Dramatic posture and gait changes emerged while receiving a Rolfing® 10-series and Mary felt a vocational pull toward bodywork and health services. During this period of healing, Mary also developed a personal understanding of how posture and ease in mobility impact our emotional and spiritual health.

Mary believes that routinely making time to receive bodywork and settle your nervous system through meditation or other means is extremely important to long-term health and can be a critical aspect of recovery from serious illness.


I had chronic back and leg pain which doctors attributed to scoliosis and arthritis and I attributed to getting older. I figured I just had to live with it.  My massage therapist recommended Rolfing® sessions with Mary, because, he said, no one should have to live in pain. Two years later, I’m still pain free.  I recommend Mary to anyone who has chronic pain. -Diane Mitol, Silver Spring, MD

I have suffered from nerve root irritation due to degenerative discs in the neck portion of my spine since my mid-30’s, which has caused me considerable pain and numbness down my left arm, particularly while working at my desk. After years of chiropractic and muscle massage treatments which provided only temporary relief, Rolfing® has been a long term solution for me over the past ten years.  I have not had the numbness or restrictions in my neck mobility since turning to Rolfing®. -Mitch Horowitz, Bethesda