All supplement requests must be placed 48 hours in advance in order to assure the availability of the supplement. Supplement orders placed in advance will be charged to your credit card at the time of request.

Return Policy:

*30 days or less from purchase date for un-refrigerated supplements.

*All supplement packaging must not be damaged, dented, tampered with, or expired.

*All supplement seals must be intact and unopened.

* Receipt/proof of purchase is required.

* Strictly NO RETURNS on refrigerated supplements, tinctures, homeopathics and flower essences.


*Orders should be made by phone, email and/or fax, and must be received within 24-48 hours notice during normal business hours. Specify product name, size and quantity.

*NO WALK IN orders please.

* If supplements are not picked up within 2 weeks from when the confirmation was made, they will be returned to the shelf.


We need 24-48 hours notice during regular business hours.

*Customers will pay for shipping and handling.

*All orders and shipping addresses will be confirmed.

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