Integrative Fellowship

The GW Integrative Geriatric and Palliative Care Fellowship program began in 2011 and our center is the main clinical site for the program. Under the guidance of our Medical Director, Mikhail Kogan, the 1 year fellowship offers in depth learning of Integrative Approaches to care for elderly and frail patients for one fellow per year.

Fellows would spend significant proportion of their time at the center in addition to a variety of geriatrics and palliative care locations across greater DC area. Fellows also would have regular didactic sessions in person and over the web, covering a variety of integrative geriatric and palliative care topics. For a complete curriculum outline please contact Dr. Mikhail Kogan.

Accepted applicants are expected to become an integral part of the center’s team providing clinical services and by participating in CAM education of Medical Students, Medical and Naturopathic Residents, and other trainees rotating through the center. A variety of additional research, clinical, and education opportunities exist to obtain in-depth immergence into different CAM modalities, or specific areas within Geriatric or Palliative Care fields. For more questions and to schedule an interview please contact Fellowship Director, Mikhail Kogan, MD.

Fellows successfully completed the fellowship will be eligible to sit for American Board of Integrative Medicine through ABPS and Geriatric of Palliative Care Medicine board through either ABPS  or ABMS .

Visit the GW Geriatric and Palliative Care Fellowship website

Who should apply for either fellowship:

The ideal candidate has:

  • successfully completed training in an ACGME-accredited residency program
  • become board eligible or certified in a primary specialty
  • a state medical license
  • a strong passion for the field of integrative medicine
  • an ability and interest in working with and through teams
  • a demonstrated commitment to life-long learning so as to stay abreast of an emerging and rapidly changing medical field
  • a desire to serve as a leader in integrative medicine
  • pursued interest in this field as demonstrated by:
    • attendance or presentations at regional or national integrative medicine conferences
    • research or other educational endeavor, or
    • other personal or professional activities related to integrative medicine
  • clear and balanced personal and emotional strength, and the ability for self-reflection and personal growth in challenging situations
If you are interested in applying please call GW CIM 202-833-5055  or email
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