Mental Health Programs

Our Mental Health Programs include:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program

MBSR is an experiential learning program teaching you new skills for managing stress and pain. Learning occurs through the guided activities, and the interactions of the participants with each other and with the teachers. You are learning to recognize your own sensations, feelings and thoughts in times of difficulty in that way the seeds of healing and stress reduction can begin to take root.

We teach body centered skills to awaken awareness. The student does guided body scans, yoga and other meditative movements to learn how to listen deeply to the cues coming from the physical body in the present moment. The act of noticing or knowing what you are doing when you are doing it is awareness. Mindfulness is bringing the mind back to the present moment. Being present in the moment is central to reducing stress and managing pain.

Panic and Anxiety Resolution Program

William D. Fabian Jr., Ph.D. developed and ran the Panic and Anxiety Disorder Program in the GW Department of Psychiatry for 11 years. He is currently in private practice and Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at GW.

Anxiety serves a rather unique function in the human, one of survival in the face of threat, and, as such, short-term effective treatment of the disorders of anxiety requires specialized understanding of the component parts that give rise to the anxiety. Once these contributing components are understood the treatment of anxiety becomes simple and straightforward. Simple does not mean easy (because habit patterns have been built up), but simple does mean very doable and straightforward. Armed with tools that bring initial symptom relief, and then techniques that enable extended relief, a client comes away from treatment with the mastery of what was once a very disturbing and disabling disorder.

This is a comprehensive treatment program for individuals with challenging anxiety. The program involves:

  • Comprehensive Anxiety Assessment
  • Easy to learn but effective techniques for altering anxiety
  • Natural Physiological Techniques
  • Cognitive Re-patterning Techniques
  • Emotional Processing Techniques
  • Subtle Energy Techniques

From Depression to Wellness Program

  • Resilience and Self-Actualization
  • Oasis in Time

For those patients completing one of the packages above, and for those who may need a “tune up” for the body, mind and soul after the end of a stressful month at work or a change in seasons, the Center is offering an individualized 5 – 7 session program to help. Drawing from ancient and modern healing modalities, we will design an individualized brief restorative program for you. The treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and preferences based on the initial intake visit. If you are in need of focused revitalization and supportive relaxation during or following periods of extreme stress, this program may be right for you.

Cost: $550 for 5 sessions

While we do not participate with insurance plans, some or all of the program can be covered by your insurance. We will provide you with appropriate paperwork to submit to your insurance.